Ford & Friends: How to Win Class President and Influence Peers Workbook – Printable PDF


We are SO happy to introduce you to the How to Win Class President & Influence Peers WORKBOOK! Our hope is that the book and workbook help you understand the value of leading with kindness and building the confidence to become a strong leader!

Being a strong leader does require many skills. Skills to make new friends, nurture current friendships, be a good listener and encourage others to succeed. With these skills, it helps you build respect for others and their opinions, even if they might be different from your own. Respect will help guide you to lead with kindness, which is really what it’s all about.

It’s important to note that being a leader doesn’t always mean you have to become the class president. You can practice leadership in a variety of ways such as, setting an example in school for others, completing chores around the house without being asked or even on the playground when someone is being treated unfairly.

On the final page of this PDF workbook you will find pages dedicated to helping you build effective leadership skills. So, as a Little Leader, be sure to always dream big, create goals, work hard, and never give up. But most importantly, be a leader along the way and remember to lead with kindness.

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